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T-Ball Division Rules

The following rules apply to the T-Ball Division of Saratoga Wilton Youth Baseball. Interpretation of these rules and any changes to these rules are subject to review by the Board of Directors.

Under no circumstances will managers agree to change the rules to play a game.

  1. Game Preliminaries

    1. Game Timing

      1. The official weekday game start time is no later than 5:30 pm. 
      2. Game times for Saturday and rescheduled games will be determined by the official scheduler. 
      3. Time limit for all games is 1 hour. A new inning may not be started after that point. Games exceeding the time limit will be considered official regardless of the number of innings played.
      4. The start time, for timing purposes, will be the first swing of the game.
      5. If another game is scheduled to start, then no inning shall be allowed to start beyond the scheduled starting time of the later game, providing the first game is an official game.
  1. Game Rules

    1. Game Format

      1. Score will not be officially kept.
      2. All games are limited to 3 innings.
        • NOTE: Time permitting each team will get 3 turns at bat.
      3. An inning ends when the offensive team makes bats around. The last batter, and all runners on base will touch all of the bases on their way home.
      4. All batters will use the tee in every at-bat for the first two games.
      5. After the second game the coaches may pitch to players at their discretion. If the coach is pitching to a batter, each batter is limited to 3 good pitches. After those pitches, the tee should be used.

      6. Players are not allowed to leave bases until the ball is hit.

      7. Base stealing is not permitted, and runners may not advance on overthrows.

    2. Managers & Coaches

      1. All coaches are responsible for cleaning out the dugouts after the game is over.
    3. Player Equipment

      1. All offensive players must wear a helmet. No one is allowed in the on-deck circle.
    4. Player Participation

      1. No player should sit on the bench.
      2. The batting order will be continuous; meaning that all players must bat.
    5. Defense

      1. All players should play the field on defense. 
      2. No more than 6 players are allowed in the infield.
      3. A player can only be re-inserted as a pitcher one time during a game.
  1. Scheduling & Weather

    1. Game and playoff schedules are determined by the official scheduler and approved by the Board of Directors. All games must be played according to the schedule.
    2. In the event of inclement weather or unplayable field conditions prior to the start of the game, the coaches will be notified of postponement by the Executive Board.
    3. In the event of inclement weather after the games have begun, it will be at the discretion of the Patch Umpire on T-Ballfield or a presiding SWYB Board Member (in the absence of a Patch Umpire) whether or not to continue playing.
    4. Make up games due to inclement weather or any other circumstance will be rescheduled by the official scheduler.
      • Coaches are forbidden to cancel, delay, postpone, or otherwise change the official schedule. If a change is absolutely necessary, a request must be made in writing to the Executive Board with at least 2-days notice.

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