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2022 Majors & Minors Assessment Information

By Eric Heidelmark, 03/23/22, 9:30PM EDT


The time slots for Saturday’s assessments at Maple Ave Middle School are listed below by the player’s last name. Please note all 8 year olds requesting to play up in the Minors Division will be assessed together at 12:00 so the Board can evaluate them for potential safety issues. 

9:00-9:20 - Adams through Cachaza
9:20-9:40 - Cameron through Day
9:40-10:00 - DeBenedetto through Fitch
10:00-10:20 - Fontaine through Heidelmark 
10:20-10:40 - Hilker through Manuel
10:40-11:00 - Mastrianni through Nawrot
11:00-11:20 - Nemer through Rosborough
11:20-11:40 - Rucinski through Stadelmeyer
11:40-12:00 - Stewart through Yates
12:00-12:20 - All 8 year olds 
12:40-1:00 - Arnold through Cook
1:00-1:20 - Coseo through Gaul
1:20-1:40 - Georgeadis through Israel
1:40-2:00 - Kalil through McElroy
2:00-2:20 - McMillan through Ordon
2:20-2:40 - Osborne through Scotland 
2:40-3:00 - Soukup through Wright
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time and check in at the registration table. You should enter through the Gym entrance by the parking lot with the picnic tables. 
Players should wear sneakers and bring a glove, bat, and helmet. 
Parents will be asked to remain outside the gym in the hallway or parking lot. 
We’re looking forward to the start of the season. We have over 200 players to assess in these two divisions, so please be patient. We’ll do our very best to remain on schedule!