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Minors Division Rules

Except where explicitly noted as an override in these rules, all Saratoga-Wilton Youth Baseball games will be played under the Babe Ruth League Inc. Baseball Rules & Regulations & Official Playing Rules, specifically those describing local league play.  All managers and coaches are responsible to be familiar with these rules and regulations.

Under no circumstances will managers agree to change the rules to play a game.

The following rules apply to the Minors Division of Saratoga-Wilton Youth Baseball. Interpretation of these rules and any changes to these rules are subject to review by the Board of Directors.

  1. Game Preliminaries
    1. Pregame Warmup
      1. The visiting team gets the field for practice 30 minutes prior to the start of the game for a total of 10 minutes. The home team must leave the playing field entirely and standby in their dugout
      2. The home team gets the field for practice 15 minutes prior to the start of the game for a total of 10 minutes. The visiting team must leave the playing field entirely and standby in their dugout
    2. Game Timing
      1. The official weekday game start time is no later than 5:30 pm. 
      2. Game times for Saturday and Sunday, and rescheduled games will be determined by the official scheduler. 
      3. Time limit for all games is 1 hour and 45 minutes. A new inning may not be started after that point. Games exceeding the time limit will be considered official regardless of the number of innings played.
      4. The start time, for timing purposes, will be the first pitch of the game.
      5. If another game is scheduled to start, then no inning shall be allowed to start beyond the scheduled starting time of the later game, providing the first game is an official game. 
      6. For 5:30pm start times, No inning shall start after 8:00 pm, with the following exception: Playoff games that are tied in an inning that would start after 8:00 pm.
      7. For 8:00pm start times, No inning shall start after 10:00 pm, with the following exception: Playoff games that are tied in an inning that would start after 10:00 pm.
    3. Before the start of the game the umpire will –
      1. Confirm ground rules with the manager or coach from each team.
      2. Confirm SWYB house rules with the manager or coach from each team.
      3. Receive two game balls (available at the concession stand) from the Home team’s manager.
  1. Game Rules
    1. Managers & Coaches
      1. A maximum of 3 adults are allowed in the dugout during the game. 
        • NOTE: This rules overrides the team composition described in the Babe Ruth Official Playing Rules
      2. At least one adult must be a base coach. Any base coach under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.
      3. One coach from each team is responsible for keeping a scorebook to track the game score, outs per inning, and player pitch counts. Scorekeepers should confirm game score and pitch count between each half inning. In the event of a dispute the home team’s scorebook will be official.
      4. All coaches are responsible for cleaning out the dugouts after the game is over.
    2. Player Equipment
      1. All players should be wearing a protective cup. No player is allowed to play the catcher’s position without wearing one.
      2. All on-deck batters must wear a helmet. No one else is allowed in the on-deck circle.
    3. Player Participation
      1. No player should sit more than 1 inning per game. A player can only sit more than one inning during a game once everyone on the team has sat at least one inning.
      2. The batting order will be continuous; meaning that all players must bat.
      3. Any player called up (or filling in from another Minors division team) cannot not be placed in a pitching or catching position and must bat at the end of the batting lineup.
        • NOTE: A play-up or fill-in player can be used as a pitcher or catcher only as a last resort, and the opposing coach must approve.
    4. Defense
      1. Ten defensive players are allowed in the field.
      2. Once a pitcher has been removed from the mound, that pitcher can return as a pitcher but cannot exceed pitch count limit.
      3. A player can only be re-inserted as a pitcher one time during a game.
      4. No infield fly rule is used
        • NOTE: This rules overrides the infield fly rule described in the Babe Ruth Official Playing Rules
    5. Offense
      1. Teams may not bat around in any inning except for the last inning.
      2. 5 Run Rule Per Inning – A maximum of 5 runs can be scored in any inning except the last inning. Unlimited runs are allowed during the last inning.
        • NOTE: If a home run is hit with runners on base which would otherwise exceed the 5 run limit, only the 5th run will count. All other runs will not be counted to adhere to the 5 run limit.
      3. Runners cannot leave the base until the ball crosses home plate. Runners are allowed to steal all bases and may score on a play from third base.
      4. Delayed stealing is not allowed. (See: Cal Ripken 60 ft. Baseball Special Base Running Rule)
      5. Runners may not advance when the catcher is throwing the ball back to the pitcher
      6. STEALING HOME – Runners starting from third base can advance home once per inning on a non-batted ball play. Runners starting from first or second base can advance home on any live ball play. 
        • NOTE: If a runner illegally advances home, the runner will be sent back to third base at no risk of being put out.
    6. Ending The Game
      1. 10 Run Rule – Games shall be terminated immediately once becoming regulation if one team is ahead by 10 or more runs and have had equal times at bat or the home team is leading.
  1. Game Results
    1. Both the Home and the Visiting Coach MUST submit the pitching log on the League’s website prior to the team’s next game.
    2. If a manager fails to record their team’s pitch counts, it will be assumed that all pitchers used in the game reached their daily maximum.
    3. Disputes and Protests
      1. All disputes, complaints, or protests shall be discussed immediately with the division coordinator. If they cannot be resolved, then they will be referred to the Executive Board.
      2. If unable to be immediately resolved, all disputes, complaints, and protests shall be heard, considered, and ruled upon by the Board of Directors or by their appointed committee as quickly as possible.
      3. Disputes and protests must be made immediately following the end of the game. If the protest concerns a rules interpretation, the protest must be made known to both dugouts, the umpire, and at least one Board member before the ball is put in play and the game continues. 
        • NOTE: The precise time that a protest is made must be clearly marked in your scorebook to record the game state at the time of the protest.
  1. Sportsmanship
    1. Poor sportsmanship displayed by a participant, as defined in the Player and Coach Codes of Conduct, will not be tolerated. Participants may forfeit the privilege to play in future games if they become a disciplinary problem.
    2. By participating in a SWYB Minors game, all participants acknowledge having read and understood the Code of Conduct Policy.
    3. In the event poor sportsmanship rises to a level beyond the scope of the player’s coaching staff, the Division Coordinator and/or the Executive Board should be notified and will administer appropriate sanctions.
  1. Scheduling & Weather
    1. Game and playoff schedules are determined by the official scheduler and approved by the Board of Directors. All games must be played according to the schedule.
    2. In the event of inclement weather or unplayable field conditions prior to the start of the game, the coaches will be notified of postponement by the Executive Board.
    3. In the event of inclement weather after the games have begun, it will be at the discretion of the Patch Umpire on Minors field or a presiding SWYB Board Member (in the absence of a Patch Umpire) whether or not to continue playing.
    4. Make up games due to inclement weather or any other circumstance will be rescheduled by the official scheduler.
      • Coaches are forbidden to cancel, delay, postpone, or otherwise change the official schedule. If a change is absolutely necessary, a request must be made in writing to the Executive Board with at least 2-days notice.
  1. House Rules Rundown
As noted in rule 1.3, the team managers must confirm house rules with the Umpire. Use this list as a starting point for that conversation.
  • Runners can advance when the ball crosses the plate
  • No Infield Fly
  • No dropped third strike advance
  • No delayed steal
  • No advance on the throw back to the pitcher
  • One advance from third to home on a non-batted ball per team, per inning.
  • 5-run max per inning except for the last
  • 10-run mercy after 4
  • Can’t start a new inning after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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