T-Ball & Rookie Roster Formation

In our junior divisions, we make every reasonable effort to allow players to be teammates with friends and family members. We feel that camaraderie among players is more important than competition at this level of play. With this in mind, our division coordinators set the rosters without player assessments and drafts.

Minors & Majors Player Assessments

In our senior divisions, we introduce win-loss standings and a post-season championship tournament. With that in mind, all players are rated and assessed by each head coach in their division.
Players are rated on batting, fielding, and throwing. Each player will field ground balls, throw a few pitches, and get about 10 swings. Parents are not allowed to accompany their children into the gym during their assessments. Players are assessed so that all coaches have an objective measure of each player's skill when we meet to form rosters.
Our goal is to balance and distribute talent on each team in order to produce the most competitive teams possible in each division

Minors & Majors Player Drafts

Following the player assessment, the head coaches meet with the Division Coordinator to draft players on to each team.

Draft Format

The draft unfolds in the snake format. In other words, the draft order is inverted in alternating rounds.  For instance:

Round 1 Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Round 2 Team 3 Team 2 Team 1
Round 3 Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Round 4 Team 3 Team 2 Team 1
Pre-Selected Players

Since the coaches of each team are parents of players, these teams will have draft picks pre-selected in the round appropriate for their child's skill level.

Draft Order

Draft order is selected to give teams without highly pre-selected players an opportunity to choose from among the top remaining players.