Player Eligibility & Tryouts

Open to all age appropriate players. Travel players are expected to fully participate in Saratoga-Wilton’s Spring and Fall Rec Leagues. Players can submit a waiver for exemption from the Rec League eligibility requirements. Exemption waivers must be approved by the Executive Board of Directors upon recommendation from the Travel Coordinator.

Travel Team Tryouts

For each season we will conduct tryouts across all age groups.  The tryout schedule would be as follows:

  • Fall Season – tryouts held in August (if neccessary)
  • Spring Season – tryouts held in October

Players will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Specific technique demonstrated and overall results for each area of evaluation. This means that a player will receive a more positive evaluation for using the proper fielding technique than a different player who does not demonstrate the proper technique regardless of the end result achieved by both players.
  2. Effort, Attitude and Sportsmanship
  3. Ability to focus, listen and follow directions

Details regarding the types of drills and evaluation criteria will be made available prior to tryouts.

Player selection

Travel team managers and coaches will be responsible for player evaluation and selection, which will be based on the following criteria (where applicable):

  • Tryout performance
  • Past travel team performance
  • Current travel team performance
  • Rec league performance

A Board member who is not affiliated with the team will be on-hand for each tryout and will certify the player selections.