Seasons & Schedule


The Spring travel season runs from late April through the end of June. Games are typically reserved for Sunday’s only, however some teams may opt to play the occasional Friday evening games. Travel game schedules are designed avoid conflicts with Rec League games, which are typically scheduled for Mon-Thurs and Saturdays.  Travel Teams have the option to participate in Memorial Day Weekend tournaments, both local (e.g. Clifton Park) and regionally (e.g. Niagara/Buffalo, Hershey, PA.)  Team practices will be set at the discretion of Travel Manager.


Travel teams will initial be formed in August. If necessary, tryouts will be held in August. The need for tryouts will be determined on a per-team basis depending on how many players have expressed interest in playing. During September and October teams will have the option to conduct outdoor practices and participate in a Fall Travel league.


Teams have the option to begin their winter workouts as early as November. However we feel it’s important to give players time off and therefore recommend these workouts start in January. From January through early April players will participate in a variety of indoor workouts and clinics.

Important Note: We understand many of our travel players will have conflicts with other sports or activities during these months and our practice schedules will be flexible to accommodate these conflicts. We do not expect ever player to make every practice but do expect all committed players to take advantage of the opportunity to develop both their skills and the overall closeness of the team during the fall/winter months.