To provide an opportunity for players, who have demonstrated the requisite skill and desire, to participate in travel baseball and compete against players of similar skill levels from other communities.

Teach advanced fundamentals, strengthen playing capability and enhance the likelihood of success at higher levels including Middle/High School to those willing to commit more time and energy to the improvement of their skills in a focused environment


  • Travel baseball is by definition more competitive and has a greater emphasis on winning than recreational baseball. This will manifest in several ways:
  • The expectations on the players in terms of effort and commitment are higher for travel baseball than for recreational baseball. Coaches will expect a greater level of concentration and commitment from their travel players.
  • Players will play fewer positions in travel baseball than recreational baseball. The coaches will be teaching more position specific techniques and putting the players is positions best suited for the success of the overall team
  • Players will take on different roles within the framework of the team. The players will learn that every role is essential for the success of the team. This drives good sportsmanship and teamwork behavior with the players learning to support each other regardless of their role on the team. Everybody has to contribute to the team’s success. This can include positions played in the field, place in the batting order, and what is asked of each player during the game itself.
  • There is no minimum playing time requirement in travel baseball. As mentioned earlier qualities like commitments, work ethic, teamwork, focus and sportsmanship go along way to defining everybody’s role within the team. The coaching staff is responsible for making all playing decisions.